Turning Point 2020 Online Seminar (Part 1)

The sooner you know this, the better,

Time and tide wait for no man.

Take a hard look at where you stand in life right now.

If you find yourself always missing the window of opportunities, you better not miss this one.

Do you know that universe energies work in a recurring cycle?

If you ride with the upswing

You can expect bumper years ahead,

If you ride with the downswing

It is like you are trying to go up a downriding escalator.

What if you are really on a downriding escalator

You might need to double or even triple the time and effort to reach where you want to be, and some not even make it.

What if you miss out on the last good run

Fret not! The next upriding energies are round the corner but if you still don't get yourself ready, you are definitely going to miss the boat again.




The Sooner You Know This, The Better !

For the past years, Life Coach Yeo Khoon Leong has been using a simple Yijing (I Ching) system to help his clients stay in the ‘Sweet Spot’ during the downriding years while preparing them for this turning point moment.

To be completely honest, it's not easy. And to be even more honest, only about 2% of people who know this system actually know how to make it work.

But it’s simple to learn, and there is basically almost nothing to lose, so if you want to give it a shot, Khoon Leong is releasing the exact system in this 2-part annual seminar.

Be the first few to learn from Khoon Leong how you can create your life

turning point, that you would be thankful you took this one degree shift today?




We Show You How To Read The Universal Energies Trend

In today’s ever fast changing world, it is critical for you to be ahead of the curve.  

It is critical to be able to have a good feel for when the next Spring is coming so that you know when the time is ripe for making a move. 

We will show you how.

We Show You How To Stay In The Sweet Spot

Before every Spring is the harsh Winter. Learn how to create your own “sweet spot” so that you can tide through the harsh winter while you prepare for the Spring. 

Learn a simple Yijing method to find out what household items in your home you can use as Supporters and what to avoid, so that the "sweet spot" can be nicely set up.

We will show you how.

We Show You What Is Stopping Abundance From Reaching You And How To Fix It Back

Discover what is stopping abundance from reaching you and how to fix it back using the never-shared-before Energetic Detox technique so that you can set the platform where magic can finally take place.

We will show you how.



Lifetime access to the 120+ mins downloadable audios of the seminar so that you can listen on the go.


Lifetime access to the 120+ mins videos of the seminar content


Downloadable PDF Workbook so that you can go along as you progress with the seminar.


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Lifetime Access to Seminar Videos

Lifetime Access to Downloadable Audios

Workbook PDF

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So, you can try this out with ZERO RISK!

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Also, it's my way of saying thanks for choosing me, and I think you deserve to get this almost exclusively.

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Check out what participants say

Hello from Dubai! Wish I could physically be in Singapore to attend this course, however, i'm grateful there is a video replay. As expected the information shared are practical gems and much much more!

Stacy Chew


Check out what participants say

Very impactful with good knowledge. Good presentation to keep participants well and better informed about choices. Gives good information for us to take positive actions and change around us!

Tang Teen Seng


Check out what participants say

I had just attended the recent "Turning Point 2020" seminar (Part 1). It was a good reminder for me to review the house to spot & clear the "blockers". What impressed me was that this seminar had incorporated the concept of body detox to enable us to receive greater Abundance in our life. Once again, Master Yeo had surprised me with more life tools for me to further enhance my life. 感恩!!!

Allan Heng


Check out what participants say

It's a refreshing focus for annual seminar. While most of us are focusing on success and achievements, it is even more important to take care of our bodies to be strong enough to take advantage of the opportunities.

Mun Kit


Check out what participants say

Straight to the point and precise speech on what to take note of. Additional health related information proved useful.

Andrew Lim


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The "TURNING POINT 2020" 2-Part Series Annual Seminar is the missing link that makes everything you're already doing finally pay off. 

Consider it your secret weapon when it comes to staying in the game of life, creating purposeful life turning point and achieving focused results.


Founder, Life Coach, Trainer & Author

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